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Wavestorm Surfboard Review

Wavestorm Surfboard the Perfect Board For New Surfers

Wavestorm surfboards have become increasingly popular among beginner surfers in recent years, and for good reason. These affordable and durable foam surfboards are perfect for beginners who are just starting out and want to get a feel for riding the waves. They feature a textured traction pad and a webbing leash connector, making them easy to ride and safe for learners.

 Wavestorm surfboards are made from top-quality, durable materials, and despite their cheap price, they last for a long time and are resistant to material defects. With a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds, these surfboards come in different sizes to suit the needs of both new and seasoned surfers. Overall, the unparalleled experience that Wavestorm surfboards offer makes them a popular choice for surf schools and beginners who are looking to take up surfing.

Benefits of the Wavestorm Surfboard

The Wavestorm surfboard is an excellent choice for beginners in the sport of surfing. These boards provide unparalleled stability, buoyancy, and ease of maneuverability. The unique design and features of Wavestorm surfboards make them the perfect choice for those just starting out in the sport.

One of the main benefits of owning a Wavestorm surfboard is its stability. The board is designed with a wide deck and a textured traction pad that provides excellent grip, making it easier for beginners to maintain their balance while surfing. This board also has a high weight capacity, which makes it ideal for heavier surfers.

Another benefit of the Wavestorm surfboard is its buoyancy. The board is made with durable materials that ensure it stays afloat in the water, making it easier for beginners to catch and ride waves. The board's deck skin is also soft, providing added comfort and safety for the rider.

Ease of maneuverability is yet another benefit of Wavestorm surfboards. They are lightweight, making them easy to carry to the surf spot and paddle out. Additionally, the webbing leash connector and ankle leash ensure that the board stays close to the rider, even when waves get choppy.

Overall, Wavestorm surfboards are an affordable option for beginners looking for a dependable board to kickstart their surfing journey. The features of the board make it a great choice, providing ample stability, buoyancy, and ease of maneuverability for anyone whether they are just starting out or a seasoned surfer.


Wavestorm surfboard is made with high-quality foam surfboards that provide ample buoyancy, stability and maneuverability. This board’s construction is also lightweight, making it easy for beginners to carry around. Additionally, the textured traction pad and webbing leash connector are part of the build, which enhances the rider’s experience, making the Wavestorm surfboard a popular option for beginners and seasoned surfers alike. Moreover, this board comes in various board sizes, ensuring that every surfer finds the perfect fit at an affordable price.

Materials Used in Wavestorm Surfboards

When it comes to beginner surfboards, durability and buoyancy are key factors to consider. And the Wavestorm surfboard uses top-notch materials to ensure both these elements are present in their product. The Wavestorm surfboard is made from expanded polystyrene foam for improved flotation and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for added strength.

The expanded polystyrene foam used in the Wavestorm surfboard provides excellent buoyancy to the board, making it easier for beginners to stay afloat and catch waves with ease. Additionally, the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) used in the deck and bottom of the board makes the Wavestorm surfboard more resistant to dings, scratches, and cracks.

Compared to other beginner surfboards, the Wavestorm surfboard's materials make it more durable, buoyant, and able to withstand the wear and tear that comes with learning to surf. So if you're a newbie surfer looking for a reliable and affordable surfboard, the Wavestorm is a solid choice.

Durability and Strength of the Wavestorm Surfboard

The Wavestorm surfboard is known for its durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for beginner surfers. The soft-top design provides a forgiving surface that is less likely to cause injury in case of a wipeout, while the HDPE bottom skin offers added protection against dings, scratches, and impacts.

The Wavestorm also features three marine-ply stringers that run down the center of the board, providing increased structural integrity and preventing the board from bending or warping. The EPS core, made of expanded polystyrene foam, is lightweight but strong, providing excellent buoyancy and stability.

All these design features work together to create a tough, impact-resistant board that can withstand frequent use by beginner surfers. The Wavestorm surfboard's combination of strong materials, soft top, HDPE bottom skin, marine-ply stringers, and EPS core make it a reliable option for those who are learning to surf and need a board that can keep up with their progress and rough handling. Whether hitting the waves for the first time or becoming a seasoned surfer, the Wavestorm surfboard provides the durability and strength needed for a successful rides surfers have even used this board at mavericks. 


The Wavestorm surfboard is a soft-top surfboard made from durable materials. Its deck skin is made of a foam material that provides excellent grip, and it is complemented by a textured traction pad for enhanced stability. The board also features a webbing leash connector that ensures the leash stays securely in place, even in rough ocean waters. .


The Wavestorm surfboard is an ideal board choice for beginner surfers who are looking to have a great experience surfing. The board's lightweight EPS core provides exceptional buoyancy and stability, making it easier for new surfers to catch waves. Additionally, the three marine-ply stringers that run down the center of the board offer a good performance in reducing the risk of bending or warping, ensuring the board is durable and can withstand the test of time. The Wavestorm surfboard is also suitable for seasoned surfers and intermediate surfers who are looking for an affordable surfboard that delivers on performance.

Features of the Wavestorm Surfboard

The Wavestorm surfboard boasts an impressive array of features that make it highly desirable for beginner and seasoned surfers alike. One of its key features is its durable foam material that provides excellent gripping and buoyancy, making it easier to balance and ride through the waves.

The textured traction pad enhances stability and allows for better control over the board. The webbing leash connector ensures that the leash remains securely attached to the board, providing extra safety and preventing the surfer from getting separated from the board in rough ocean waters.

The Wavestorm surfboard comes in different board sizes, catering to a variety of skill levels and preferences. Its design and material make it lightweight and easy to maneuver, enabling surfers to ride the waves with confidence and control.

Stability and Floatation of the Board

The Wavestorm surfboard is renowned for its stability and floatation, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced surfers. The board's design features contribute significantly to its stability, making it easier for surfers to balance themselves as they ride the waves.

The width and thickness of the board play a vital role in its stability and floatation. The Wavestorm surfboard is 22 inches wide, providing a stable platform for riders to stand on. Additionally, its thickness of 3.2 inches provides enough floatation to keep beginners afloat as they learn to surf. Compared to other types of boards, the Wavestorm's dimensions make it easier for surfers to balance and maneuver the board even on choppy waters.

Compared to traditional hard-top surfboards, the Wavestorm has several advantages in terms of stability and floatation. Its foam construction provides added buoyancy, making it easier for beginners to stay afloat. Its soft-top surface also offers better grip, reducing the risk of slipping. Moreover, the larger dimensions of the Wavestorm also make it more stable and easier to use, even for newbies who are just starting to learn the ropes.

Pricing and Versions Available

The Wavestorm surfboard is an affordable, entry-level option for beginners looking to start surfing. It's designed to be a budget-friendly board that doesn't compromise quality or performance. Available online or at surf shops, the Wavestorm is a popular choice for both newbies and seasoned riders.

There are several versions available, ranging from the classic 8' Wavestorm to a smaller 7' version designed for kids or lighter riders. There is also a 9' board available. The classic version comes with a textured traction pad and a webbing leash connector, and its durable materials and construction help prevent material defects. The 4.5" bolt-thru surf fin adds stability and improved performance. The Wavestorm also has a soft-top surface that reduces the risk of injury while providing an excellent experience for beginners. It's a perfect board for those who want to start surfing without breaking the bank or compromising safety. The Wavestorm board combines affordability, durability, and unparalleled experience, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to learn to surf. 

Price Range of Wavestorm Surfboards

Wavestorm surfboards are known for their affordability, making them a popular budget board option for beginner surfers. The cheap price of these boards may make them an attractive option for those who do not want to invest too much in their surfing equipment. However, it is important to note that the cheaper price does come with its downsides. The materials used in Wavestorms are not as durable as those found in higher-end surfboards, meaning they may not last as long as other models.

The return policy for Wavestorm surfboards is a consideration to keep in mind if you plan on purchasing this affordable surfboard. While the boards are cheap, some may experience material defects or other issues that warrant a return. It is important to check with your seller about their return policy before making a purchase.

In terms of price range, Wavestorm surfboards typically fall into the lower end of the spectrum. Prices vary depending on the model and seller, but they generally range from $100 to $300. Overall, if you are a beginner surfer looking for an affordable surfboard to get started with, a Wavestorm could be a good option. However, if you plan on using your board regularly or for a longer period of time, investing in a more durable board may be a better choice in the long run.

Different Versions/Board Types Available

Wavestorm offers a variety of surfboards to fit different skill levels and surf conditions. Their most popular surfboard is a 8' size board, suitable for newbie surfers due to its high floatation and stability. It can hold weight capacities of up to 220 pounds. Wavestorm also manufactures a 7' and 9' version of this board, both with similar specifications. For heavier surfers, Wavestorm also has a 96" model that can hold up to 220 pounds. 

In addition to surfboards, Wavestorm also offers a bodyboard and skimboard for those interested in different water activities. The bodyboard is available in two sizes, 42" and 45", and can hold up to 200 pounds. The skimboard is 48" and ideal for riders weighing up to 175 pounds. Overall, Wavestorm has an unparalleled range of surfboards suitable for everyone, whether beginner or seasoned surfer.


Do wavestorms get waterlogged?

Wavestorm surfboards are made of highly durable materials that help prevent waterlogging. These materials include high-density EPS foam, crosslink top deck skin, and HDPE slick bottom. These materials are fully waterproof and resist water absorption, which helps to keep the Wavestorm board from getting weighed down by water.

Waterlogging can occur in surfboards due to damage, age, or prolonged exposure to water, which can compromise the board's internal structure and make it less buoyant. However, Wavestorms are less likely to experience waterlogging than other foam surfboards due to their materials.

Some common issues that can cause waterlogging include leaving the board in the sun for prolonged periods, exposing it to hot water, or damage to the board's internal structure. To avoid these issues, it is recommended to store the board in a cool, dry place, avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures, and inspect it regularly for damage that could compromise its waterproofing.

Overall, while waterlogging can occur with any surfboard, the materials used in Wavestorm make it less prone to this issue. By properly maintaining and storing the board, surfers can ensure that their Wavestorm will remain buoyant and perform well in the water for years to come.

Are wavestorms good to learn on?

Wavestorm surfboards have a reputation for being beginner-friendly, but are they good to learn on? The answer is yes, but with some considerations. The board's stability is a critical factor to consider when learning on it. Wavestorms have a relatively high stability ratio, which means they can support more weight without tipping over. Therefore, surfers can learn on these boards without worrying about tipping over, even if they are not experienced surfers.

Additionally, the textured traction pad on Wavestorm boards helps with balance and grip. The pad provides excellent traction and grip, ensuring that surfers can maintain their position on the board while learning. The soft-top foam construction of Wavestorms also adds to their stability and balance, making them ideal for beginner surfers.

For heavier surfers or those with additional weight, it is crucial to consider the board's weight capacity. Wavestorm surfboards have a recommended weight capacity of 220 lbs, which should be taken into account when using them. However, some heavier surfers have used Wavestorms without any issues.

Wavestorm surfboards are good to learn on, thanks to their high stability ratio and textured traction pad. Beginner surfers and even experienced surfers can depend on these boards for stability and balance while learning. This board is used through surf camps everywhere and is the perfect first board to learn on.

Does the wavestorm surfboard need wax?

Wavestorm surfboards do not necessarily need to be waxed as they come with a traction pad that provides ample grip for the rider. The board's surface is made of a textured foam material that creates friction and enhances the rider's balance. This means that you can easily ride the Wavestorm board without having to apply wax.

Can you turn on a foam surfboard?

yes, the wavestorm is easy to turn but won't turn too fast making it easier to balance on.

Can I return a Wavestorm Board?

Depending on where you purchased the board some places allow you to return it with the original receipt and usually within 30 days. Look at the terms and conditions for more information.

Are wavestorm fins removable?

yes, you can remove them and change them out.

What board should I get after a wavestorm?

There are many great boards you can purchase after a wavestorm here is a list of our favorite beginner surfboards

Wavestorm Pros & Cons


  • Great for Beginners
  • Low Cost for Quality
  • No wax is needed
  • Very durable, Lasts a long time


  • Can't make fast sharp turns 
  • Harder to use in heavy surfing conditions

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Wavestorm surfboard is an affordable, high-quality option for beginner surfers who demand performance and durability from their boards. Its unparalleled stability and floatation provide an unparalleled experience for beginners, while its maneuverability and control offer regular surfers an easy and comfortable ride. In conclusion, the Wavestorm surfboard's stability and floatation are mainly due to its design features and dimensions. Its foam construction, soft-top surface, and wider dimensions make it an excellent choice for beginners and experienced surfers looking for a reliable board to ride the waves with confidence. Wavestorm offers very low prices making it easy for new comers to grab a board and start riding. If you are just getting your feet wet in the sport the wavestorm is a great option to consider. 

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