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It's a fact that if you're fitter you will catch more waves. This means keeping fit for the surf is really important, in particular exercising your paddling muscles. In this article surf fitness trainer and professional swim coach Lee Stanbury discusses why surfers should use the Power Stroke Bungee Cord...
This simple piece of training kit and can be used by all standards of surfers, from beginners to advanced, and right up to pro level.

Ideal if you:
1. find it hard to get out back due to lack of fitness
2. don’t get to surf in the week
3. need paddle fitness
4. need to improve upper body strength
5. are a weekend warrior
6. need a surfing warm up before hitting the waves
7. are short on time, or can’t get to the pool or gym
8. are a new surfer wishing to gain paddle fitness.
9. are a surfing pro
10. don’t like the pool

The power stroke cord can be used by junior or senior surfers, with 2x resistance cords that can be changed in seconds!

The new Power Stroke Cord is used by none other than Ben Skinner (World Silver Medalist & Team Oxbow) and Oil Adams (WQS & Team Oakley).

Ben says about the Power Stroke:

The Power Stroke Cord helps me stay on top of my surfing paddle power & fitness. I use it when I’m away and it plays a big part in my training when the swell drops off.

The power cord really will boost your paddle power, i find its a good way to warm up before competition heats.

I also use it if the swell drops off, as part of my land based training program.

A strong paddle in my level of surfing plays a big part in my success. The Power Stroke Cord keeps my fitness level high.

It’s a great bit of kit if you can’t get in the water as often as you’d like.

It’s a simple but very effective way to boost your surf fitness, it keeps me super paddle strong, and is a great bit of kit if you don’t get to surf as much as you’d like!

You can read the A1Surf.com Power Stroke Bungee Cord review or to buy it visit our shop.

Here's a video, featuring Ben Skinner, which shows you how to make the best use of the Power Stroke:

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