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  Posted by Admin on Thu 5th May, 2011 08:59
Surf Report Surf Spot: Portrush | Visited 2044 times
Hope everyone had a nice Star Wars day and suitably entertained yourselves due to the lack of surf.

More importantly I hope you didn't exhaust your flat water activities yesterday as this flat spell is continuing.
West strand, an hour before high tide is sitting flat and still.
The calm-to-no wind is having no effect on the surface as is the lack of any swell.
Best bet today, lightsaber training lesson two, battery replacement!!

Have a good one everyone.

Portrush tide times

Thursday May 05, 2011 GMT+01:00
? 02:50 0.5m
? 08:55 1.8m
? 15:05 0.5m
? 21:20 1.8m

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Chasers surf reports are an interpretation of the conditions at the time of reporting. For up to date conditions log on to the surfcam. Wind, swell and tides are constantly changing resulting in different conditions throughout the day.
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