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  Posted by A1Steve on Sun 20th Nov, 2016 09:09
Surf Report Surf Spot: Cromer | Visited 1147 times

1ft@6sec from the SE. The odd wave just about rideable at Cromer. Bigger further south. A wind swell building from the NW later as winds swing round.


7mph from the East. 21mph NW later


Click HERE for Sheringham Webcam.

Tide times

High- 10:42 4.5m
Low- 17:05 1.7m
7 day surf forecast updated on Fri 18th Nov

An interesting week with two lows tracking up from the south and into the North Sea giving us a small wave at times. Bigger at the end of the week but with onshore winds.

So, a deep low tracks up from the south on Sunday, over us and into the North Sea with some very strong SE winds. Just about flat on the North coast but breaks from Mundesley southwards should get a wave. Bigger the further south you go but more onshore at first but cleaner later as winds back NW. A chance of a small wave later off these NW winds.
Monday changed a bit. Onshore at first but winds forecast to back SE giving a small wave from the north.
Small at first on Tuesday with another low tracking up from the south. Breaks further south should get a wave off the strong S/SSE winds. The north coast seeing a swell building late in the day from the north as the low tracks into the North Sea.
Wednesday looking ok at first with a swell from the north and only light onshores. Winds will increase from the NE through the afternoon.
Thursday and Friday not looking great with winds increasing from the NE giving stormy onshore conditions everywhere.
Much the same on Saturday as winds and swell start to decrease.

Expect changes as everything depends on where the two lows track.

Sun 20th. 1ft from the SE@6sec & 1-2ft+ from the NW@6sec later. Wind 7mph from the E. 24mph westerly later.
Mon 21st. 2ft from the NNW@6sec. Wind 18mph from the ENE. 16mph SE later.
Tue 22nd. 1-2ft from the NNW@7sec. Wind 14mph from the NW.
Wed 23rd. 2-3ft from the N@7sec. Wind 10mph from the N. 15mph NE later.
Thurs 24th. 3-4ft from the NE@6sec. Wind 24mph from the NE.
Fri 25th. 3-4ft from the NE@7sec. Wind 24mph from the NE.
Sat 26th. 2-3 ft from the NE@6sec. Wind 18mph from the ENE.
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