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Super explosive cut backs and bottoms turns!

Improve your cut back and bottom turns with these simple exercises
Improvements in your surfing strength don’t always involve specific training kit, however if you’ve got an indo flow cushion or a Swiss ball then, they CAN take your surfing fitness to the next level, improving your strength, and surfing along the way!
Regular specific exercises that will improve all your surfing movements are definitely worth doing, adding strength and stability to your surfing session. For the best results, they must be carried out on a weekly basis regardless of whether or not the surf is pumping. Surf strength and conditioning is not all about popping to the gym when there’s no swell, if you truly want to add much more strength to the way you surf, then seriously consider adapting a weekly program of training to your surfing week.

During a basic cutback the upper body, and torso, will go through varying degrees of multi directional movements and effort. Additional strength gains can be made by using exercises that mimic the cut back movement, repeating the movements and adding resistance i.e. light weights will allow even greater strength gains.

1. Torso rotation

Click to view full imageStart by lying on your ball with the shoulder blades and shoulders fully supported on the ball, be sure to use a ball that’s the right for you; Swiss balls do come in different sizes and most Swiss ball suppliers give information on the correct size in relation to the users height.
Make sure you have a body position with the hips level with the shoulder, and your feet flat on the floor. To start with try this exercise without weights but as your strength and technique improve you may well want to use a light dumbbell..

Place your hands together arms fully extended upwards, then slowly rotate your body to one side, rolling onto your shoulder and keeping your arms fully extended, then rotate 180 degrees to the other side.

Repeat this 8-10 times rest and repeat.

Tip- keep your hips in line with the shoulders, do not let them sag down or dip, this exercise requires you to contract your abdominals and core muscles.

2. Swiss ball prone tucks

Click to view full imageTo really strengthen and give a real boost to your cut backs try this exercise; done weekly it will allow you to gain greater abdominal strength through the cut back movement.

To start place the hands on the floor, and feet on the ball, then start by setting your abdominals to keep your back flat. Roll the ball in to bring your knees in under your hips.
Slowly roll the ball back to the horizontal plank position, avoid sticking your bottom in the air or swaying from side to side.

Repeat this 8-10 times and rest.

To advance the exercise further and gain more upper body strength try adding a press up after each tuck.

Add extra stability to your bottom turn using the indo flow cushion.

During a bottom turn whether you’re on a short board or a long board the lower body is working hard knees ankles and even hips all play a roll in the movement and the deeper the turn the more they have to work.

3. Basic lunge using the Indo Flow Cushion

Click to view full imageBy adding the cushion to this basic exercise it becomes more challenging; done on a weekly basis this will give greater stability to the knees and ankles.

Before using the indo flow cushion try the exercise first, start by placing one foot forward as far as possible, and the other back behind you with the heel off the ground. Keep you back straight, set your abdominals and keep your shoulders back. Slowly bend both knees lower yourself downwards until your front knee is bent to approximately 90 degrees then push back up, repeat this on each leg 5 times.
Once you have gained a good technique then add the indo cushion which will add additional challenge to the exercise.

You can gain even greater strength by holding light weights alongside your hips through the movement.

If you’re a longboarder and looking for extra strength in your “drop knee” then this is a great exercise to start with boosting your turning power!

Lee Stanbury is a personal trainer with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He is Head Coach to St Ives Swimming Team and is currently personal trainer to top UK surfers Oli Adams and Ben Skinner.

Lee's new book, 'The Complete Guide To Surf Fitness' is released soon.

For more information visit www.fit2surf.com

Photos (c) Mike Searle/Carve
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