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  Posted by SoulSurfer on Fri 10th Aug, 2012 09:13
Surf Forecast Region: UK | Visited 33554 times
After Twenty years of doing this job I have decided to retire so this is planned to be my last forecast

I will post a little bit about doing your own forecasts next week.

Just a quick outlook. high pressure and small waves are with us until the weekend early next week another slow low will come in and do much the same as this week next week so wepect smallish messy waves and mixed weather next week with a possibility of the weather improving but the waves fading next week
SOUTH WEST AND WALES (and south western Ireland).

Small to flat with light winds at the weekend. Chose the best spots and best tide times in the far west to find a rideable wave. If you don't know where to go explore the coast path and watch the good surfers. Bear in mind you might have to walk a long way and climb cliffs to find the very best waves! next week a new low comes in with more wind waves and maybe a bit of underlying swell.

Note this is planned to be my last proper forecast

EAST COAST (Thurso area, use this and Far NW ).

Very small to flat


No swells, generally very small to flat.

CHANNEL COAST (east of Start Point).

Very small to flat

Activities and Comments.

freinds around this weekend

Important notice.
After doing this job three days a week for around twenty years I am seriously considering retiring

My favourite websites are now off the air until the end of the month. My search for alternative long term free forecast information has showed me that there are a great many much better surf forecast sites out there now. Big G was about the only one around when I started (mind you he is still around but is much younger than me. I always was a dodderin' ol' git!)

The measurement of waves and surf quality is a vexed question and there is a lot of false Macho attitude "the bigger the better" around. This in my experience is not true for most people. There are also those who suggest that unless the surf is peeling perfectly and glassy smooth it is no good. Good medium sized surf in my book is usually in the range of 2-3ft with moderate winds either on, cross or offshore and cleanish faces. In other words the sort of stuff that comes around quite frequently and not just classic days. Small surf is in the 1-2ft region but should be rideable by most (if you can't ride this sort of surf your board is too small!) large surf is in the 4-6ft range and gets scary. If I think that the surf is going to be particularly good I will indicate it clearly for those who only go to the coast for special days.

You are welcome to ask a question or add a comment below. I will try to answer it by the time I post my next report and I will leave the answer up for a few days.
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 (03/09/2012 @ 11:20)
Thank you for all the forecasts. Always have relied on yours over other sites, nice to have the personal human touch. Enjoy and thanks for tips. :)
 (27/08/2012 @ 23:06)
Thanks very much SoulSurfer - have always found your forecasts useful and realistic, often looked at them even when I had no chance of getting near the sea. Best wishes for the future.
 (23/08/2012 @ 10:50)
Thank you so much for your forecasting with I have come to view with real confidence over the last few years. Your sensible overview of the weather patterns has been a great help. It would be good to how learn to interpret the charts and any further advice on this would be much appreciated. Hope you enjoy your retirement and once again many thanks
 (20/08/2012 @ 09:24)
So sad to see you calling it a day, but thanks so much for many years of help, every mon,weds and fri you were first port of call for a forecast
Enjoy more down time
 (14/08/2012 @ 23:14)
I can't believe it. Are you sure you want to do this. I don't know you as a person and I hope one day I may meet you in woolacombe and shake your hand. Been surfing for about 10 year now and you are the most consistent. Realistic and clear surf forecast I've known. I will be looking forward to getting a few tips on prediction techniques. And any chance you'd write a book on the subject. I'd buy it. Thanks again. That with the Olympics finishing its all a bit depressing. Good Luck with the future
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