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Show ReviewProporta BeachBuoy Waterproof Case Review

Posted by Starnzy on Sunday 22nd April, 2012 @ 16:39 GMT
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Having your car broken into is one way to ruin your surf session or surf trip (and I know having been ripped-off in Portugal last year), but when your valuable are taken it’s even worse. Yes you can lessen this by not taking them with you, but then sometimes you know you’re going to need your phone, credit cards or cash. There are numerous ‘waterproof cases’ out there, but some I have tried don’t give me the confidence that they are waterproof enough for something as valuable as my phone. Here’s a review of the Proporta BeachBouy Waterproof case that I carried out on a recent trip to Cornwall.
The Proporta BeachBuoy is billed as being “100% waterproof, guaranteed to 5m (16ft) in depth”. It’s neat size – around 13cm across by 19 cm in length – so it won’t fit in big stuff, but easily take your phone and a key or some credit cards. Also it comes with an adjustable neck lanyard.

As well as being a great waterproof storage for your phone, credit cards etc, you can also use it to stash your car key in. This is especially useful if you have remote locking keys and can’t get a non-plipping one cut.

What seems to set the BeachBouy apart from other cases I’ve seen is that it has two plastic sealing mechanisms and then a decent Velcro closure over the top. This means that even if one sealing mechanism were to come open somehow then there’s another one for extra protection.

The BeachBouy says it has a 100% waterproof guarantee, but before you first use it the instructions tell you to do the “tissue test”. This involves putting some dry tissue inside it, sealing it up then giving it a good dunking underwater. If the tissue stays dry then you can have faith that you have sealed it correctly and your valuable will be dry too.

I guess if you are ultra-paranoid you could even put them in those sealing sanwhch bags then inside the BeachBouy.

I followed out the instructions, removed the tissue and it was completely dry. So the next stage was to go for broke and take it out surfing. I stuck in my phone and paddled out. The thing I liked that the small size of the case meant it didn’t feel bulky at all underneath my wetsuit.

After a few waves there was a lull so I sat outback, pulled out the case and called home…and it worked! The plastic cover on the BeachBuoy is thin enough to mean that my touch screen phone worked just as well, despite being protected.

There are also practical reasons for having it with you when you’re surfing. You can ring home and ask your girlfriend/wife/partner/husband/mum to maybe run you a nice hot bath or even stick some beers in the fridge!

The BeachBuouy Waterproof case is available for £14.95 from Proporta.com:


Also for the girls, there is a Roxy design version for the same price:


Here’s the official shizzle from Proporta on the key features:

• 100% Waterproof Case
• Dimensions : 185 x 135 x 5 mm
• Guaranteed waterproof to 5 metres/16 feet
• Closure System : two click seals and a velcro strip
• BSI approved (IP57/IP58)
• Instructions on how to fit the case : Undo velcro, unroll tab then pull apart so the two click seals come apart. Place device inside then click both seals together and roll up tab and velcro back down.
• Includes attachment for lanyard
• Use your device whilst within the case – make calls, use touch screens and buttons
• Protect your valuables from water, dust and sand
• Suitable for small and normal sized devices (mobile phones, cameras etc.)
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