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Show NewsSurf Artist Interview: Khanage

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  Posted by Admin on Friday 21st May, 2010 @ 12:08 GMT
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Setting up for Surf Show recently we found ourselves next to a stand featuring a simple display of surfboards with amazing artwork. The person responsible for these stunning designs was Kristine Khan, a Bristol-based artisit who is on a mission to turn old boards into works of art...
Kristine Khan, known as Khanage, fine artist and board designer is making beautiful artworks from old and broken surfboards.

Click to view full imageSurfer, snowboarder, climber and adventurer, Khanage has spent the last 6 months journeying in her camper van, in all weathers, from the Cornish coast to the highlands of her native Scotland. Along the way she has immersed herself in the culture and history of places, and found those who pass on local story telling and myths. The fantasy creatures, mermaids and sea monsters are amalgamated into her creations.

She researched each tale, took photographs, sketched and made diaries of her conversations with local storytellers.

Click to view full image“I want to inspire people to keep reading and telling tales. Growing up on a remote highland croft we were part of the landscape, we didn’t have television. Our nights were spent round the fire listening to ghost stories.”

Throughout her journey around the coastline of the UK Kristine has collected the boards from surfers’ attics and sheds, municipal dumps, the back rooms of shaping workshops, turning these well-used bits of fibreglass into iconic artworks.

Click to view full imageKhanage has produced award winning board designs – her snowboard for Salomon features a sinuous fantasy creature tendrilling across the board in an echo of the shapes made down the mountain.

Kristine has also been commissioned to design surf and snowboards for individual boarders. Digital copies of the artworks can be sent to manufacturers, but mostly Kristine hand draws and paints directly onto the surface of the board, which she then lacquers to make it completely ride-able.

Click to view full imageThe idea of making wall art from old boards came about on a surfing trip to Morocco, “The owner of a surf hire company in Casablanca told me he had a hundred redundant surfboards sitting in a warehouse that he couldn’t do anything with. The materials are not biodegradable and it occurred to me that this was a potential problem for an eco-aware sport, and my solution was to recycle them as art”.

Khanage trained at Glasgow School of Art and Central St.Martins School of Art and Design. She had a successful ten-year career as an event designer in London and Australia, while continuing to work as a fine artist. A move nearer to her beloved west-country waves, along with involvement in the urban art scene in Bristol, where she has her studio, freed her to connect her art to the waves, mountains and her love of adventure sport.

Click to view full imageKhanage boards are currently attracting a lot of attention from both the surf and art worlds, and she can be commissioned for individual artworks or board design.

Kristine is collaborating with environmental groups to help raise awareness of ecological surf issues through exhibitions and workshops.

She would love your old boards and any stories you have to share.

Please contact Kristine directly on kristine@kristinekhan.com

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 (25/05/2011 @ 12:18)
Just an update to let all the A1 reader know that I now have a new website to showcase my bespoke snow and surfboard designs.

Here I will be selling artwork and giving advice for all your surfboard needs. Let me know what you think...

Please view it on:


Warm wishes,
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