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Show FeaturesThe Blurf Boys

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 6th March, 2012 @ 08:40 GMT
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BlurfTV is the web home for Jack and Lewis Clinton, the two brothers from Newquay who love to surf and explore. It is their online diary of where, what and who they meet along the way. The boys have been hanging out in Barbados for the last few weeks, so we caught up with them to find out what they've been up to and what's on the agenda this year...
A1Surf: Tell us what you have been up to this winter?

BlurfTV: Well mostly working! Lewis shapes surfboards at Adams Surfboards and I work at the shop in Newquay. But in between, trying to get in the ocean when we could. We’re currently in Barbados and leave in the week, all good things have to come to an end!

A1Surf: Why do you love Barbados so much?

Click to view full imageBlurfTV: It’s the whole package with Barbados. We've travelled to other places, but the one thing we've realised is as crazy as it sounds for a surfer its not just all about the waves. The people are amazing, so friendly, the food is insane, the climate is perfect and the waves are as fun as it gets! You never have one day where you can't go surf!

A1Surf: What have you missed from home?

Click to view full imageBlurfTV: Well as daft as this sounds, going in for them baltic sessions with your mates! It’s just funny, although after a while the novelty wears off... I'd say the BIG thing we've both missed the most is our dog Reggie. He's a legend.

A1Surf: What plans have you both got for this year?

BlurfTV: Well, were really trying to take of with BlurfTV, in between pushing Lewis's boards and plus the XPY surf contest later on in September. Just seeing how it goes!

A1Surf: Any more trips lined up?

BlurfTV: Yes, we have a trip lined up in April, not sure where yet. We're looking to keep it consistent throughout the year, keep content flowing and pushing it out to the viewers!

A1Surf: What is Blurf TV going to be documenting this year?

Click to view full imageBlurfTV: Well the thing is, we realise how many videos there are floating around the internet at the moment, each one unique in its own way. The main aim we want to deliver in our videos is a laid-back take into where we go. The main thing is, it’s not just all about the surfing. We want our viewers to feel like they've been there after watching our 'Blurfisodes'. It’s about offering something different and we feel were nearly there. Plus being brothers helps as we can both work well and discuss with each other (in between our arguments!)

A1Surf: Any shout-outs for people?

Yep, massive thanks to Monster Energy, our partners who have made this possible. Also shout outs to Lewis's sponsors Volcom, Adams Surfboards, VonZipper, Northcore, Snugg wetsuits and O&E. And for Jack, Hurley, Snugg Wetsuits and OD Deckpads.

To follow the boys check BlurfTV
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