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Show FeaturesTassy's Tales: The Peru Review - World Juniors 2011

Posted by Admin on Monday 13th June, 2011 @ 12:27 GMT
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At the recent Quiksilver World Junior Surfing Championships in Peru the Great British team did themselves, their coaches (and us) proud with a very respectable 11th place. This was achieved with double the amount of competitors this year as well. Tassy Swallow was part of the team and here's her blog for us about what went down in Peru...
Thought I’d give you a little down low on the trip from Peru as I haven’t been able to update you all for a while since I’ve had some laptop problems!

As a team, I think we did really well. Although our overall ranking at the end of our trip was the same as last year, we all agreed we achieved a lot more. This year all of us came against a lot higher standard a lot earlier in the competition, due to the almost double amount of teams in comparison to last year.

But we didn’t let this put us down. As our coach Joey Buran said: "we are on a journey- like a marathon, and we would come up against bad and good times, but we just need to keep powering on steadily but surely." So this is exactly what we all did.

Our overall placing was 11th and throughout our marathon we knocked out some of the best athletes in the competition into the repercharge rounds and showed a lot of other nations that the English could surf! This is something that I don’t think as a team we achieved last year, and it was more like certain individuals within the team that brought this message to the World Games. This year I really think we got noticed as Great Britain.

Click to view full imageIndividually, I was pleased with my performance. I ranked 25th at the end of the event but there was double the competitors than there was last year in New Zealand and I felt like I surfed a lot better this year and that I beat girls to a lot higher standard. I was amped to be surfing against names like Ellie Jean Coffey (AUS), Joanna Giansanti (FRA) and Kulia Doherty (USA).... not to mention all in one heat! So to come out of a heat like that, even beating one of those girls felt like I had progressed in my surfing from last year. And that is what I went to Peru to do.

Click to view full imageThe coaching was good this year too and I would like to say a massive "thank you" to Joey Buran, who is one of the most interesting and inspiring individuals I have ever met before. It was amazing to be able to chat to Joey and get amped up with him by your side before one of the most important heats of your career so far. He has so much to say and so much you can learn from and it was so sick to have him there helping us out and most of all aiding us to gain the best result Great Britain has got at the Junior Worlds for a long time. On behalf of the Surfing GB Junior Team, I would like to say "Thank You Joey"!

Click to view full imageAlso a Big Thanks to Lloyd Cole- our other coach and Joanne Hillman our Team manager, it was sick to go away with you guys and thanks for everything you did for us all.

And last but CERTAINLY not least, Calypso. Our team kit looked amazing this year and we had a lot of comments of other countries on our team jackets we wore to the parade with our names on the back. You helped us to get a lot more attention out of the water and because of this helped our confidence in and out of the water. Without the financial commitment you gave to the team this year we would not have been able to get out there and represent our country so thank you for the time, effort, help and budget you have given to every one of us! Bring on next year!
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