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Show FeaturesSurf Fitness for Women by Corinne Evans

Posted by Admin on Thursday 9th June, 2011 @ 14:55 GMT
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Keeping surf fit is key to getting the most out of surfing. By being fitter and healthier out of the water you'll notice a huge difference when you're in the water. And this applies to all of you surf girls as well! Here's professional surfer and model Corinne Evans's guide to Surf Fitness for Women...
Click to view full imageGetting that “bikini body” can often feel like a chore and like many women I dread the first beach day where you have to reveal your winter body to the world. But it needn’t be this way. Making a few small changes you can be in shape all year round and ready to embrace the bikini at the drop of a hat.

Here are my top ten tips to staying gorgeous all year round!

1. Eat colorful food! Try and avoid eating a plate full of beige food.Not only does it look boring but it is just full of stodge and if you’re anything like me you will fall asleep as soon as your fork hits the plate!

2. Enjoy your carbs! Don’t cut them out! Just try and eat complex carbohydrates like Banana, Wholegrain Bread or Potatoes.

Click to view full image3. Treat yourself. Don’t ban treats from you diet. Just save them for the weekend. Pick an indulgence day where you have a fry up or a take away. From my experience if you restrict yourself too much you just want it even more!

4. Invest in a juicer. It is a great way to cram a large amount of nutrients into your body if you are in a rush.

5. Drink Green tea. Green tea has so many benefits for your body and it tastes delicious.

6. Cycle! Ditch the car and cycle where ever and whenever you can. You burn calories without even realizing it.

7. Try something new. Exercise can become boring but it you mix it up and try some new classes such as Zumba or Kick Boxing. I go to Koncept gym in Newquay, which has a great range of classes to suit everyone’s needs.

8. Keep flexible. Whether it is just stretching out at home or going to a yoga class. Keeping your joints supple will help prevent injury when exercising.

9. Moisturise daily. Keeping your skin in good condition will make you feel wonderful. There are a wide variety of Natural creams out there so you don’t have to cover your skin in harmful chemicals.

10. Body brush. This helps aid good circulation and can help reduce cellulite.

These are just some things that I try to do to help keep in shape. The main thing is finding things that you enjoy doing, exercising doesn’t have to be boring and neither does healthy eating.

If anyone else has got any useful tips feel free to email them over and I will post them up.

You can check out more about Corinne, plus her other articles, video interview and photos on her Team A1Surf page.

Photo credits:
1. (c) Simon Wiliams/swilly.com.au
2 & 3 Nalu Beads Photo Shoot
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