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Show FeaturesStRaNGe Beautiful Life: Alan Stokes Interview and episode 1

Posted by Admin on Friday 8th July, 2011 @ 09:50 GMT
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Brit ripper Alan Stokes has a new film project that hit the 'net this week. It's called 'StRaNGe Beautiful Life' (make sure you get the caps/lowercase combo right!) and is a number of video episodes of Stokesy's surfing and travelling captured on film. We caught up with Mr Stokes to find out more about it. Check the interview and episode 1 in all it's glory...
A1Surf: Tell us what this new project is?

AS: StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE is a film project that me and film maker Tim Davies have been working on for about six months now.

Me and Tim go way back we both share the same passions for surfing and capturing it on film so we came up with the idea of launching an online series.

A1Surf: Who is your partner in crime?

AS: My partner in crime is Tim Davies a really talented film maker from Swansea. He keeps me entertained when we are out and about filming, some of the angles and positions he gets himself in are just classic has me in stitches, but he always comes back with the gold. We are both progression - me with my surfing and Tim as a film maker. I think we want that to come across in each episode the whole progression of the project.

A1Surf: What can we expect in episode 1?

AS: "Episode 1- Take me to the sun" is exactly that. When the winter kicks in here and surfers migrate to warmer climates.

We were filming out in Costa Rica and over a few beers thats where we came up with StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE. Costa Rica is an amazing place to film the colours and the waves over there are just amazing.

A1Surf: Central America does look beautiful and the waves tasty. Would you recommend it as a "must surf" place?

AS: For sure Central America is a wonderful place to explore and surf its really consistent and there are so many quality waves to be discovered.

A1Surf: The soundtrack is quality...what music have you got?

AS: The music is a big part of this project, we both love are tunes so the music we pick for each episode is a reflection of that trip and what we were feeling at the time episode one track is Parov Stelar - Love (club version) he is such a talented artist with an incredible amount of different flavours to his music.

A1Surf: Can you give is any teasers about future episodes?

AS: Well im super excited for episode 2 its a lot closer to home and Tim has really stepped it up. I really like the music in episode 2. We want to keep this series quite spontaneous, so future episodes well you will just have to stay tuned!

Here's Episode 1 for your pleasure. Make sure you crank it up!

Follow the boys and further episodes at: facebook.com/?strangebeautifullife.tv or at twitter.com/STRANGbeautLIFE

Music by Parov Stelar. Track - Love (club version)
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