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Show FeaturesSarah Beardmore: European Champion

Posted by Admin on Monday 10th October, 2011 @ 08:38 GMT
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Two weeks ago at the Eurosurf event in Bundoran Team England's Sarah Beardmore became the new European Women's Champion with a convincing win over French, Spanish and Portugese competitors. To celebrate she headed to Ibiza, which is where we caught up with her to talk about her victory, Brit girls that rip and Breakdancing...
A1Surf: How did it go down in your final at Eurosurf?

Sarah: The final was one of those heats where everything just seems to fall in to place. I got a scorer right on the hooter and then kept using the rip to gain priority and just seemed to always fall straight into another wave.

Apparently the other three needed a combination of scores to move up to first until the last 7 minutes of the heat. It had been a bit like that all week – an early start really helped put the extra pressure on your competitors.

A1Surf: What was the competition and vibe like at Eurosurf this year?

Click to view full imageSarah: Gwen and Beth from Wales did well at the event (Beth made a few heads turn with her powerhacks that scored a 7 something one day at the peak). Easkey put in a top performance too! I haven't seen to much of the girls surfing lately as there has either been conflicting events on at the same time as the girls UK Pro Surf Tour events or because of the latter haven't been able to make the cut. But I know Gabi Rowe, whose heat didn't quite go to plan at the Euros, has been surfing really well. Also English ripper, Hannah Harding charges!

A1Surf: Which other British girls do you think are ripping at the moment?

Sarah: I have seen so many more girl groms surfing which is great. I didn't start until I was 16, so I love it that everyone else is in the water earlier. More water time especially for English surfers means progression and more talent in the ranks.

Click to view full imageI want to try and get more involved with the development of the up and coming English surfers so am working on a couple of things for next year and hopefully I can deliver if I get a bit of backing.

I have seen Jaide Lowe do some nice bottom turns and set it up nicely off the top which I was impressed with after learning she has only been surfing a few years.

I am sure there are so many groms out there that are ripping! In my eyes for girls, a strong bottom turn is the key to understanding the waves as well as your manoeuvres. If you can do a bottom turn then off the top the judges will see spray and you will get rewarded.

A1Surf: You're in Ibiza currently. How long for and is it all just party time?

Sarah: I leave Ibiza for England tonight... thank God ; ) Ha No it has been a great few days. Three of my best friend were in Portugal for an event and and Sofia had already qualified, but that event confirmed Paige and Bec's re-qualification for the women's world tour.

The Tour and the Star Tour finishes surprisingly early this year so we booked some end of season cheap tickets to go to Ibiza. They were all watching the final from there, so when I won it made the trip even better as we all had something to celebrate! This week had the last closing parties, so we checked a couple of those out and just drank a lot Sangria on the beach!

A1Surf: Having heard about your legendary breakdancing, can you tell us if this is still part of a good night out for you?

Click to view full imageSarah: Let's just say I dress myself appropriately for a night out! I have stopped wearing dresses and a g-string. At weddings I take a pair of leggings in my handbag! It is part of my routine... go out, drink too much beer, apparently break dance, scrub my top when I go home.

Everytime I see my dad he asks to see my legs as they are usually bruised then I hear: “Ohhh Sarah”. The best part about it is I don't actually know what I am doing and I think people would realise that if they were also sober, but it's England so they’re not!

A1Surf: Any thoughts on winter trips yet?

Sarah: Thinking Portugal or Morocco but it depends on my surfers ear. I was wearing blu tac in Ireland, but still have managed to get a blocked ear for the past week and a half. I am booked in for the operation November, so might be out for a bit, but if it doesn't unblock may have to move it forward as it is so annoying.

I never thought it would happen to me. If I could have my time again I would of worn earplugs everyday. Prevention is the only cure.

Usually I go to Hawaii for the last World Star event in Haliewa, but it's not on this year. WQS events start in Feb in Oz so will go over earlier for those.

A1Surf: What are you looking to do with your surfing over the next year?

Click to view full imageSarah: I am not sure but it depends on the finances. I graduated in a Bachelor of Business degree at the start of the year. I have been doing it externally on my travels for 7 years! It has finally paid off, all those essays in planes and all those times my friends were going to the pub or for a surf and I had a deadline. I am looking at doing my external Masters in International Sports Management to start next year.

At the moment I am lucky as Protest support me for most of my expenses, but would be nice to get ahead a bit somehow.

Would like to get more involved with the development of UK girls surfing, but to be honest surfing in the UK is all a bit dysfunctional at the moment But I have my thinking cap on.

Click to view full imageIt would be good to be able to still live the life I am doing now, but start taking some steps forward at the same time, so I can throw away my hip flask and buy a real cocktail ; )

A1Surf: And finally who would you like to give a shout-out to?

Sarah: Thanks to Protest Boardwear and Voltz Energy Shot for all their support! Shout out to the English team for all their support; and Paul and Andy for their hard work. Always a shout to two of my best friends; my mum and my dad. xox

All photos (c) Sarah Beardmore.
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