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  Tuesday 6th March, 2012
The Blurf Boys
BlurfTV is the web home for Jack and Lewis Clinton, the two brothers from Newquay who love to surf and explore. It is their online diary of where, what and who they meet along the way. The boys have been hanging out in Barbados for the last few weeks, so we caught up with them to find out what they've been up to and what's on the agenda this year...
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06/03/2012 08:40
  Monday 5th March, 2012
Jo Tyrrell - Watching Water
Watching Water is a surf movie all about the stoke. Filmed in a documentary style it features surfers talking about how they got into surfing, why they surf and how it's an intrinsic part of their lives. It was made by Jo Tyrrell, a South African-born photographer. We caught up with Jo a few days after a packed UK premiere showing of the movie organised by Wittering Surf Shop...
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05/03/2012 09:06
  Tuesday 15th November, 2011
Hannah Harding: Women's UK Pro Surf Tour Champion 2011
Last weekend saw the last women's competition on the UK Pro Surf tour for 2001 - the 'Queen of Queens' - take place at Fistral (thanks to Kerry Powell and Nalu Beads). The women's title race was evenly matched this year, but a win in the semi-final saw Hannah Harding clinch the 2011 Tour title. We caught up with Hannah the day after her win (and the UK Surf Awards party!) to find out more...
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15/11/2011 09:48
  Monday 10th October, 2011
Sarah Beardmore: European Champion
Two weeks ago at the Eurosurf event in Bundoran Team England's Sarah Beardmore became the new European Women's Champion with a convincing win over French, Spanish and Portugese competitors. To celebrate she headed to Ibiza, which is where we caught up with her to talk about her victory, Brit girls that rip and Breakdancing...
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10/10/2011 08:38
  Friday 8th July, 2011
StRaNGe Beautiful Life: Alan Stokes Interview and episode 1
Brit ripper Alan Stokes has a new film project that hit the 'net this week. It's called 'StRaNGe Beautiful Life' (make sure you get the caps/lowercase combo right!) and is a number of video episodes of Stokesy's surfing and travelling captured on film. We caught up with Mr Stokes to find out more about it. Check the interview and episode 1 in all it's glory...
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08/07/2011 09:50
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