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Show FeaturesHannah Harding: Women's UK Pro Surf Tour Champion 2011

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 15th November, 2011 @ 09:48 GMT
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Last weekend saw the last women's competition on the UK Pro Surf tour for 2001 - the 'Queen of Queens' - take place at Fistral (thanks to Kerry Powell and Nalu Beads). The women's title race was evenly matched this year, but a win in the semi-final saw Hannah Harding clinch the 2011 Tour title. We caught up with Hannah the day after her win (and the UK Surf Awards party!) to find out more...
A1Surf: How does it feel to know you are now the the UKPST champ?

Hannah: To be honest its still all sinking in really, Completed stoked to be crowned Queen of Queens though

A1Surf: What would you put your competition success down to this year?

Hannah: Wanting it and consistency.

A1Surf: What have been your best events to surf in?

Click to view full imageHannah: The Nike 6.0 Night Surf was definitely one of the best events, so much input and amazingly well organised. I placed 2nd gaining my highest points of the year and also winning £500! which is always nice. The after party was good too, ahem!

A1Surf: When did you start surfing and how did you get into it?

Click to view full imageHannah: I started surfing nearly five years ago now. Its pretty crazy that I've come so far as it was only really a bit of fun and it beat sitting around watching my boyfriend Eugene surf for hours on end. I then obviously really got into it and started to take it more seriously.

A1Surf: And when did you start competing?

Hannah: I did my first proper contest in 2009 which was the English Nationals, i made it through to the final and placed 3rd so was pretty chuffed. I loved competing and that was when i realised it was something i wanted to pursue.

A1Surf: What advice would you give girls looking to get into surfing?

Click to view full imageHannah: Professionally? I'd say do a couple of comps, if you place well the right people will notice and quite often things will develop from there. If you have a mate that's a half decent photographer try get a couple of shots and get them sent off to all the Sponsors.

But most importantly keep enjoying it and having fun, thats the real reason we do it after all no?!

A1Surf: Where have you had good waves in the UK this year?

Hannah: Ah now that would be telling. Im not about to give away my secret spots, but lets just say i've had a few super fun days at MP's haha... Oooh and Fistrals shown me a few good times too

A1Surf: Have you had many trips away this year?

Click to view full imageHannah: I had a few trips lined up, but unfortunately they didn't go ahead. So since I got back from indo in April i have just been in the Uk competing, working, oh and a little bit of partying haha...

A1Surf: Winter is coming up so are you off somewhere warm and sunny?

Hannah: I am indeed! in a weeks time i will be flying out to Bali which is where i spend most my winters. Just a little bit excited!!

Click to view full imageA1Surf: What are your plans for next year in surfing (and career-wise) Have a few things lined up for next year. Im always looking to further my career, so to any potential Spono's etc get in tough ha! To be honest at the moment all thats on my mind is getting back out to warmer
climates and Bikini training sessions yewww!

Will defo be back to defend my crown next year though

A1Surf: Finally is there anyone you'd like to give a shout out to?

Hannah: Huge big up to all my Chica's they know who they are!! Nalu for supporting womens surfing in the uk! And Animal, Philip's Liive Vision, disco beads, Sollife boards, Arcade and JP boards Also my Mum and two Sisters, Legends. And to everyone thats special to me, again they know who they are! Big fat loveliness xx

Photo credits:
1, 2 & 3 (c) Animal
4 & % (c) Simon Williams
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