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Show FeaturesCeline Gehret: Warm winter waves and websites

Posted by Admin on Tuesday 8th March, 2011 @ 08:27 GMT
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Celine Gehret has been hanging out in Central America with boyfriend Alan Stokes and from the sporadic messages I've received it sounds like they have had a blast! Whilst scoring warm waves, some clever chap has been building her a new website so she can use it to keep people up-to-date with what's going on in her life. I caught up with Celine via the magic of the internet to find our more about their trip, her new site and ask the question: "who surfs best, you or Alan?"...
A1Surf: Tell us where you have been hiding all winter?

CG: I've escaped to Central America - Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

A1Surf: What have the waves been like?

CG: The waves have been really fun so far. One of the beach breaks here (in Costa Rica) has got some really nice and long waves, really fun for turns. 20 minutes further down there's another great beach break and it gets some really sucky waves with some great barrels.

Depending on the tide and swell, there is always a good wave at either one of the beaches!

The place we stayed in Nicaragua was amazing! It had a really punchy beach break, pretty much every wave was barreling. One day, we drove off to a little fishing village, where a fisherman took us out to surf a sand spit off an estuary.

The boat journey was quite 'interesting' as the fisherman headed straight out through the break, suddenly this massive freak set came straight at us, we all thought we gona get thrownout of the boat but luckily we just managed to escape the massive white water wall that come racing towards us, phew, i think I could actually hear everyones hearts beat faster and louder through our hysteric laughter, haha! The waves out there were sick though, about 4ft long barrels, so was well worth it!

There were a few left point breaks that work when the swell is really big and some beach breaks further down too.

A1Surf: Any new spots that you're going to have to go back to?

CG:Yeah, the spot we went to in Nicaragua was really amazing, lovely long and uncrowded beaches. Nicaragua is definitely a beautiful country I would like to spend a bit more time travelling around and discovering new waves and places!

A1Surf: What are your plans for the rest of the year when you get back?

CG: I've got a few more trips planned, so really this year will be fully dedicated to surfing as much as possible, with training camps, contests and photoshoots. I will also be competing on the UK pro surf tour again and with the Swiss national Surfing team at international events. I'm very excited for what's coming up this year!

A1Surf: Have you got any more trips lined up for this year?

CG: Yeah, I will be heading to Switzerland beginning of April to catch up with my family and friends, and hopefully I will go surf the river with my friend if the conditions are right. Then beginning of May I'm off to the Mentawaiis for a two weeks training camp and photo shoot, which I'm really excited about, I've never been there before, can't wait! At the end of June I'm off to Panama to compete at the ISA World Surfing Games with the Swiss team and in October off to Ireland for the ESF Euro Surf.

A1Surf: Why did you decide to get yourself a sparkly new website?

CG: I really like my new website the basic concept was to put my modelling portfolio online and show people what I'm up to.

I will also be posting blogs on a regular basis and putting pictures up from my shootings and travels, my experiences and adventures, so its a great way to keep in touch with everyone! Check it out at www.celinegehret.com

A1Surf: What boards are you riding mainly at the moment?

CG: I really love my 5'8 Sk8er Surftech Ultraflex, it's 18 ½ wide and 2" thick. its a fast and really fun board, it just fits nicely in the pocket and you can really chuck it around ( on the wave this is ha ha for bigger days and for more hollow waves I like to surf on my Surftech Pang 5'11, it has got sharper rails a pulled in squash tail and holds in nicely in really sucky waves.

A1Surf: Who surfs better - you or Alan?

CG: Haha, what a funny question... me of course!

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Intro photo: Celine in Panama. Photo (c) Celine Gehret
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