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Show FeaturesBlurfTV: The Interview

Posted by Admin on Thursday 31st March, 2011 @ 09:39 GMT
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Each winter some of the UK crew head over for some sunshine and waves, with Australia being one of the popular hang-outs for the Brits. And it's in Oz that BlurfTV has been born. The brainchild of Jack and Lewis Clinton, BlurfTV is a melting pot of video blogs from the boys as they surf and travel. We caught up with Jack to find out more...
A1Surf: What is BlurfTV?

JC: BlurfTV is a blogging network set up mainly by myself (Jack Clinton, my brother (Lewis Clinton) and our best mate Alex Piper.

The aim with BlurfTV is to have a consistent stream of videos from our travels, taking in what we see, who we meet and all the other crazy stuff we do in between!

A1Surf: Where did you get the name from?

JC: The name is a collaboration of the word 'Blogging' and 'Surf'. We were stuck on a name for ages until our australian friend, Jeremy Festa (who we were
staying with) came up with name concept and straight away it sounded right. It's quite catchy don't you think?

A1Surf: What type of stuff have you posted already?

JC: We've been in Australia trekking around for about 2 months and started posting at the start of the trip. Theres already around 6 clips, 3 are 'Blurfs' as we call them which are a recap of the 2 weeks just gone by, then clips such as the Burleigh Breaka Pro highlights, Lewis getting his hair chopped up and the most recent clip where we do 'MTV cribs' style edit of our house we had in Byron Bay.

BlurfTV..MTV style..

A1Surf: How long are you in Oz for?

JC: We come back to the UK on the 10th april. It's amazing how quick the trips gone by. You know what they say, time flies when your having fun!

A1Surf: Who's with you in your posse?

JC: Well the Blurf Posse includes me and my brother as the heart of Blurf, but other surfers include Jamie Mather, Alex Kerry and George Picking. But we're constantly meeting new people who help add to content and make the videos as interesting as possible to the public!

A1Surf: What else have you got up your sleeve for the year?

JC: Well were really enjoying making short videos and getting really good feedback which is always a nice thing after all the hark work put in.

Our plan is to keep up the good content, adventure around the UK as much as possible and then try and get down to Europe mid summer to meet up with the guys down there and see what content we can build up!

The only thing at the moment holding us back is dollar, so if any companies like the sound of
what weve got going, dont hold back! Haha!

Make sure you check out BlurfTV and also go 'like' their Facebook Page.

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